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Electrostatic Battery Backpack Fogger

With a capacity of 15 L (4 Gal.), this fogger is designed for effective and efficient disinfection of large surfaces/areas.

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The electrostatic commercial fogger sprays the Auto Oxide solution as charged particles. These particles have an opposite charge from the surfaces being treated, making the treatment solution highly attracted to those surfaces. Once near the surface the particles wrap themselves around the entire exposed area providing 360-degree coverage.

Kit includes an anti-static bracelet to safely discharge any static electricity built up on the person performing the fogging. Also includes 1 lithium battery & charger. Solution sold separately.

Sprayer information :
Spray distance : 240cm (96 inches)
Container capacity : 15 Liters

Power consumption :
Blower motor : 4.80a
High pressure pump : 0.70a
Electrostatic module : 0.10a

Included battery & charger :
Battery type : Lipo (Lithium)
Battery integrated circuit protection device (Minimum voltage protection) : 9.6V
Battery voltage :12v
Battery cells : 3S (3x Lipo cells)
Battery capacity 12AH
Estimated battery life : 2 Hours 6 minutes (full time with Electrostatic mode activated)
Estimated battery charging time : 8 Hours (When fully discharged)
Included Lipo (lithium) battery size : 15×6.5×9.5cm
Included LIPO charger capacity : 12v lithium @ 1.70a