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Gym design and layout for schools and universities

Schools, colleges & universities

Physical activity is a great defense against school drop-out rates and a lack of concentration. Promote academic success by providing your students with an environment tailored to sport and fitness. In the words of Tonic Performance: the benefits will be felt quickly!

Build positive connections between students

  • Students who rally
  • Students who are rallying
  • A stimulating environment

Sports and physical activity build strong and lasting bonds between people. Offering students a great space to be active improves teamwork and motivation at the same time.

Solid physical preparation for your student-athletes

College and university sports teams are often the pride of many schools. Give your coaches the best tools to train your student-athletes to win on the field and in the classroom.

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Promote healthy lifestyle habits

  • Happier students
  • More focused students
  • More motivated students

Schools not only need to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, they also need to develop health-conscious citizens. Give your students the tools to develop better lifestyle habits.

Reduce absenteeism

A healthy person is someone who’s happy to get up in the morning. Put a stop to empty classrooms by giving the energetic students access to first-class sports facilities!

A better strategy for attracting students

Attracting the best students is sometimes a difficult competition. With a great, stimulating, and customized gym, you add a feather to your cap and make a strong case for attracting the best and brightest to your establishment.

Improve productivity

Morning, noon, and night, full-time students are bombarded from all sides. It’s hard for them to know what to think! Physical activity gives them the fuel they need to work hard and help them succeed in school.

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