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Design and layout of hotel gyms

The importance of having a gym in a hotel

A custom-designed training room is one of the most important criteria for travellers when choosing a hotel. Developing a training space represents a major advantage in attracting a diversified clientele, including both tourists and business people. We offer the ultimate in quality for your installations.

Enhance your brand image

  • Attract a diverse clientele
  • Reinforce your corporate values
  • Increase the excitement around your banner

Put words into action by offering your active clientele superior equipment and facilities. You’ll strengthen your brand image!

Can be used in your marketing strategy

Attract a sporty and health-conscious clientele by including a versatile and attractive gym as part of your acquisition strategy. You can use it as a distinctive selling point in your marketing strategy.

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Attract a select clientele

Developing a diverse and customized training space attracts affluent and active business clients, all year round. Imagine how a great gym can attract this type of client.

Stand out

Join the ranks of must-visit hotels with spaces that reflect your image. We offer an unparalleled level of quality for your hotel establishment and design training spaces that do full justice to your uniqueness.

Justify the rental rate

When it comes to comparing hotel prices, many potential customers are unscrupulous. But they’ll be happy to pay more if you can offer added value (by having a great gym, for instance!).

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