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Gym design and layout for condos

Condos / multi-unit buildings

Want to offer more services and amenities to your tenants? Setting up a gym in your image is a great option. Imagine the value that a dynamic space like a gym can add to your building. It’s a great way to create value for your tenants!

Enhance your brand image

  • A gym that adds distinction to your spaces
  • A variety of functional machines
  • A sustainable and attractive space

With Tonic Performance, you can count on a gym design and layout that is fully customized to your brand image.

A strong argument for your marketing

There’s nothing like a wide-ranging training space to make it easier to pre-sell units in your multi-dwelling project or to find new tenants more quickly. It’s something new to consider in your marketing strategy!

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Still not convinced?

Forget obsolete training spaces

Imagine the amount of money wasted on maintaining unsuitable and/or outdated training equipment! With our gym design and layout service, you’ll leave projects like that behind all while saving money.

Promote a vibrant community

Thanks to our custom design service, you’ll be helping to promote health and vibrancy in the population. An attractive and well-outfitted gym gives people the motivation to move. Foster a fit, happy, and productive community!

Increase the value of your properties

Increasing rents without offering more services is often frowned upon by tenants. But they’ll be happy to pay more if you offer more, like a superb training room suited to their needs!

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