12 Days of Christmas - Tonic Performance
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Forget to buy something during our 12 Days of Christmas promotion? Here’s your last chance! Save an additional 20% on all featured equipment from December 17-20th.

Don’t forget to use code: TP12DAYS at checkout.

TP Foldable Adjustable Bench

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Wall Mounted Adjustable Pully System F100

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SB100 Stall Bars

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1001021 TPWOD Folding Squat Rack 2

TPWOD Foldable Squat Rack

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TPWOD Base Squat Stand with Pull-Up Bar

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Adjustable Kettlebell 40lbs (18Kg)

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Adjustable Dumbbell (Pair) – 2-20kg

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Adjustable Dumbbell Rack

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TP Utility Chrome Barbell 20KG (800Lbs Tested)

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TP Bronson Power Barbell 20kg (45lbs)

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TP Cherry Cross-Training Barbell 16kg (35lbs)

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TPWOD Elite Olympic Bearing Barbell 16kg (35lbs)

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Olympic Bar 5 feet

TP Olympic Short Straight Barbell 14kg (30lbs)

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trap bar

TP Hexagonal Trap Bar

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High Performance V2

TPWOD High Performance Bumper Plates V2 – Colored Numbers (sold by unit)

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TPWOD Black Bumper Plates

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The health and safety of our customers and our team continues to remain our priority. The team at Tonic Performance is committed to continue serving the wellness community and we ask that you take note of the following changes:

Thank you for your support and cooperation. We look forward to continuing to serve you safely and efficiently.

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