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Shoulder Exercises: The Best Shoulder Exercises For All Fitness Fanatics

shoulder exercises help to create beautiful body contours.

However, in this matter, a well-planned training program, and regularity of loads are essential. You should choose the type of activity that will allow you to work out the locally necessary muscle groups. In order to know what to focus on, you need to understand the anatomical structure of human shoulders.

What muscles are included in the anatomy of the shoulders?

The shoulder girdle connects the arms to the torso. The shoulder starts from the upper joint and ends at the elbow bend. These two ideas should be distinguished because many are accustomed to perceiving them as one whole. That said, let’s first look at which muscles are where they are so that later you can distribute the load on those muscles that need it most.

The upper limb belt includes:

  1. Deltoid muscle;
  2. Supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles;
  3. Small round and large round muscles.

The shoulder consists of the following types of muscles:

  1. Coracohumeral;
  2. The Bicep Brachii;
  3. The triceps brachii;
  4. Elbow.

However, this article will not talk in detail about the anatomical features of all groups and types. It will immediately move on to the main thing – we will figure out how to pump up the shoulders, taking into account the type of muscles on the human body.

So, there are various training complexes, including both basic and local (isolated) sets of exercises.

lifting weights up (base)

These sessions are efficient and rewarding for those looking to build deltoid mass. The execution technique includes five main sequential actions:


Sit on a bench

and then put the barbell on your shoulders (someone should help you with this);


Bring your shoulder blades together and push your chest forward;


Grasp the barbell wider than your shoulders;


Raise the barbell over your head until your arms are fully extended. Make sure your head is tilted slightly forward. Remember to be mindful about breathing and make sure you’re not holding your breath. Exhalation is always done while straightening your arms;


The last stage is the slow return of the barbell to its original position. Repeat the shoulder exercise for a few more sets.

To reduce pressure on the spine, choose a bench with a back.

features of drawing up a training program

All the exercises mentioned above allow you not only to build up your shoulders but also to create an ideal V-shape. For best results, it’s recommended to stick to a specific program rather than sporadic training.

There are certain features that you should be aware of:


Any shoulder training program should include sets of exercises for various muscle groups in this zone. It is essential to work through each zone. This is the only way to achieve perfect relief and a beautiful contour. If there is a need to work on individual parts (top, side, front), then you need to increase the number of sets;


We must not forget about preliminary warming up of muscles and joints – this minimizes the risks of injuries;


Each lesson should be based on varying specific exercises and carefully working out muscle mass at different angles. This contributes to the correct development and formation of the silhouette you need;


Don’t forget to rest and train every other day.

Have a great workout!

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