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Tonic Performance is recognized as a leader in the field of distribution of fitness equipment. Since its existence in 2010, Tonic Performance has been the choice of a number of institutions from YMCA, colleges and universities, medical centres and public institutions. Our unmatched commitment is reflected and supported by our many accomplishments as well as testimonials from our clients. Tonic Performance partners with the biggest commercial brands to offer you the ultimate training material. Let our experts help you create an elegant and upscale fitness environment.


Tonic Performance Inc. is your partner of choice when it comes to conceptualize and organize the training space that meets your objectives and will reflect your vision. Our experience and our many achievements have allowed us to term the realization of a large number of health clubs and of training areas for a large number of corporations, schools, projects of Tower condominiums, organizations sports, residential gyms, etc.


Whether you’re the start-up phase of your project or renovation mode and refresh of an existing room, Tonic Performance will allow you both to simplify and optimize the design process up to its term of it. Let our expert consultants to participate in the planning of your project and save time and money while saving you headaches.


Tonic Performance offers various flooring solutions designed specifically for the installation of fitness where surfaces are subjected to heavy use due to extremes of use as well as of the high traffic of the customer. We only offer products that are meeting the highest industry.


Tonic Performance designs gyms for residential and commercial installations. By putting the focus on your interests, goals and available space, we are able to create fitness environments that meet your requirements as well as those of the users. Our understanding of the industry as well as latest trends allows us to create functional and motivating spaces. We offer: free consultation services, guidance on the choice of material, CAD designs customized, on-site training for both users and operators as well as a maintenance and aircraft maintenance service after delivery of these.


Tonic Performance is committed to deliver safe and functional facilities. We make it a priority. Your equipment is delivered and installed by experienced professionals and certified. Each Member of our team that participates in the implementation term of a space of training will ensure that everything is in perfect working condition.


Your consultant will be in touch with you throughout the process and will be on-site the day of the delivery and installation to ensure that you are completely satisfied. Once installation is complete, your representative will provide training to show you how to operate and maintain your new equipment.


Tonic Performance is proud to offer a service of maintenance and technical support provided exclusively by certified professionals. Our commitment to exceptional service manifests every call, every customer, every day. We guarantee each of the appliances and products we recommend and put at your service  contracts of appropriate maintenance, as well as training seminars to help you maintain your exercise equipment in perfect condition. Our main goal is to exceed your expectations in every way, and our after sales service is no exception to this guideline


Tonic Performance has partnered with some of the industry leaders in fitness equipment financing in order to help new and established gym operators outfit their facilities with terms that will help them preserve their cash flows. By leasing equipment and/or setting up customized payment plans, you may find it easier to work within a budget, add tax benefits, and get an operation up and running faster.

We also offer financing solutions for individuals looking to acquire fitness equipment for their personal use. Contact one of our representatives in order to establish which solution will fit the best according to your specific needs and situation.


All Tonic Performance equipments come with a warranty that can vary depending on the equipment brands. You can contact a seller for any question related to our competitive product warranties.

Fitness equipments and gym flooring distributor, gym design


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