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Sit-N-Reach Flexometer Baseline


Trunk Flexibility Sit-and-reach Instrument.

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The Baseline Trunk Flexibility Sit-and-reach Instrument is a piece of medical diagnostic equipment that tests the trunk flexibility of an individual. This instrument produces results that are both reliable and repeatable.

This instrument is made of durable materials so that it will be able to perform its function and provide accurate results time after time. The Baseline Trunk Flexibility Sit-and-reach Instrument is an affordable product as well.


  • Performs Sit-and-Reach test
  • Scales include: fitness program Cooper Institute/YMCA AAHPERD
  • Scales printed in inches and centimeters
  • Sturdy construction with a built-in foot plate and a maximum stretch indicator that remains until reset
  • Powder-coated metal throughout
  • Deluxe model used for modified Sit-and-Reach test enabling the testing protocols to be used that vary the scale start point; this normalizes scores to account for variation in the arm and leg length of the person being tested

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