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Concept 2 Ski Erg with PM5 Monitor


The new Concept 2 Ski Ergometer offers such a unique workout equipment for the user that focus on cardio, core and strength.

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Build strength and endurance with the new ski ergometer and training tool from Concept2.

”˘Builds strength in upper body, core and legs
”˘Provides a quality aerobic workout
”˘Encourages proper and effective Nordic skiing technique

An ergometer (or “erg”) is a device that measures work. That’s what sets the Concept2 SkiErg apart from other training devices: it allows you to accurately assess your output, monitor your progress, and compare your scores with others using the Concept2 Performance Monitor. It’s the same monitor that has been helping rowers train for many years.

”˘Immediate, accurate and repeatable performance data
”˘Workout options: choose a preset workout, ski against a previous result or play a game
”˘Memory and LogCard for workout data storage
”˘USB Interface to transfer data to PC or Mac
”˘Heart Rate Monitoring (PolarTM, SuuntoTM, and GarminŽ options available)
”˘Online logbook and ranking capability

Wall Mounted :

Width : 19“ (43,3cm)
Depth : 10“ (25,4cm)
Height : 87“ (221cm)

Free standing :

Width : 29“ (73,7 cm)
Depth : 10“ (123,2 cm)
Height : 87“ (223cm)

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Weight 62.1 lbs
Dimensions 62 × 18 × 15 in