SKU: EFX 885.V2.P82 Cardio Equipment

New Precor EFX 885 Crosstrainer

The EFX® 885 with Converging CrossRamp® combines essential reliability and ease-of-use with a natural, low-impact stride to add value to your facility.

The EFX 885 with Converging CrossRamp combines essential reliability and ease-of-use with a natural, low-impact stride to add value to your facility. Design enhancements ensure easy
cleaning and maintenance for you while the unique adjustable Converging CrossRamp technology, and upper body moving handlebars, deliver a total body workout for your exercisers. The clean and proven design of the 880 Line touch screen console makes it easy for exercisers, whether new to Precor or familiar, to locate controls, inputs and adjustments.

The user interface delivers the modern-day touch screen responsiveness to swipes and selections as exercisers enjoy an alluring workout experience. At Precor, we recognize that a great workout is
the sum of many parts. In your hands, the products, services and technologies we offer can be combined in countless ways to complement the programs, and atmosphere you’re creating.

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