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Adding a slide of synthetic turf in your gym is always seen as a big plus for your staff and your members. Not only it gives an incredible look to any training room but it also enable your members to perform sled exercises which are proven to be extremely profitable fun. The TP Turf is a dual fiber synthetic turf system designed to provide balanced performance for multiple sports. Short nylon fibers create an environment which provide cushioning for the athlete and support for the taller polyethylene fibers. The taller fibers give the surface its softness and grass-like appearance. Indoors or outdoors, the TP Turf creates optimum performance area for Sled push and agility drills, lacrosse, soccer, football and baseball.


  • Need to be glued in a commercial environment.
  • Provides excellent characteristics for functional training, football, Lacrosse, soccer, baseball and field hockey.
  • Width: 6.6′ feet
  • Length: 25′ or 50′ feet
  • Thickness: 30mm

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