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The Batca Smith Trainer allows the user to workout using either a free weight barbell or the smith machine option in one unique station. Ideal for residential gyms as well as the vertical market (institutions, condominiums, etc). Safety spotters are included. Exercises that can be executed include, but are not limited to: bench press (flat, incline & decline), squats, lunges, shoulder press, dips, chin-ups, deadlifts, etc.


  • Free Bar Safety Catches
  • Free Bar Racking Every Five Inches
  • Chin UP/Dip Station
  • Olympic Bar Storage
  • Ultra Smooth Linear Bearings
  • Integrated Weight Holder
  • L = 5′ 9″ W = 5′ 11″ H = 7′ 9″
  • Weight: 413 lbs

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