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Strength Equipment 2

Our strength training machines help you make the most of your workouts

Thanks to our wide range of Precor, Hoist Fitness, and Tonic Performance strength training machines, you can count on the highest level of biomechanical and ergonomic performance. For lighter or more intense workouts, our machines and accessories allow you to work different angles and isolate each muscle in your body — as well as minimizing the risk of injury.

Find the strength training machine best suited to your needs.

What kind of use are the strength training machines intended for?

Tonic Performance has strength training machines suited to every situation: gyms, residences, hotels, multi-dwelling buildings — you’ll find the equipment you need!

What are the main muscles that the strength training machines target?

There’s a machine for every type of muscle. However, most of them can work the pectorals, arms, back, shoulders, abdominals, and legs. Ask our specialists for advice on which machine is right for you.

Should I use free weights or strength training machines?

It all depends on your goals. However, combining free weights and strength training machines is recommended. Strength training machines reduce the risk of injury and target individual muscles more closely. Free weights, by contrast, activate and stimulate muscles more, which maximizes results.

What are the main types of strength training machines available?

Depending on your goals, you could go with an elliptical, a climber, a rowing machine or a free-weight machine. Some machines, however, combine several types of exercise and can also be used to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

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