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Group Training 2

Our machines for getting active and training as a group

There’s nothing like working out with a group to get motivated and active all while having fun! In a more structured framework, it’s easier to make progress, regardless of one’s level. With the right equipment and the right approach, group training also promotes regularity, mutual assistance, and self-improvement.

Take a look at our machines and accessories for group training and let’s take action together!

What are the most interesting group workouts to try?

Spinning, pilates, aerobics, yoga, and cardio-boxing are just a few types of group workouts that promote motivation and athletic performance. Of course, the equipment varies according to the type of machine chosen.

What are the must-have products for group training?

You’ll need to provide supports and storage equipment, as well as mats, ropes, steps, balls, and weights. Depending on the training plan, muscle-building or cardio equipment may also be necessary.

Get in touch with our team and get personalized advice in this matter.

Is it better to train with people at your own level?

Not necessarily. Training with people of different levels helps you improve and develop better training reflexes. Not to mention all the motivational benefits. And with a personal trainer, it’s even better!

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