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Barbells & Free Weights 2

Our Olympic barbells and free weights can help you maximize your strength training

There’s nothing like barbells and free weights to help stimulate muscles and work your stabilizer muscles. This type of equipment lets you work your entire body and it prevents muscular imbalances following your workouts. So think about using barbells and free weights in your weight training routine to get the best results!

Check out our range of Olympic bars and free weights to help you build muscle or get fit.

What are the main muscles worked by bars and free weights?

Depending on the exercise, the main muscles worked by barbells and free weights are the deltoids, triceps, pectorals, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.

Is bar training with bars and free weights suitable for all levels of training?

It’s important to consult a training expert to ensure that the loads are properly adjusted. In this way, you minimize the risk of injury and enjoy a workout adjusted to your needs.

Should I use free weights or weight machines?

It’s best to combine them! Strength training machines can reduce the risk of injury and target each muscle allowing them to be worked more precisely. Free weights, on the other hand, activate and stimulate more muscles, which can help you build muscle mass faster.

How to use bars and free weights safely.

To avoid injury, avoid using heavy free weights. On the other hand, if your weights are too light, you won’t be able to reach your strength training goals. Always take the time to warm up properly and, above all, pay attention to your posture (especially the lower back).

Always ask for the advice of a trainer to make sure you’re developing good habits in your use of barbells and free weights

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